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Flexhibit Exhibition System




The Future of Large Affordable Marketing Displays is right here.  

Flexhibit systems, using tension fabric graphics (with dye sublimation printing), deliver the most affordable value for money displays ever seen.


Flexhibit displays all feature a simple and lightweight, yet ultra strong aluminum tube framework zipped inside a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric graphic print.


Wall sections can vary from one metre wide to four metres, and the height of each section can vary

also, and interestingly the top of t

he frame can be flat, curved

or on an angle.




Whilst not as structurally complex as the Satellite systems, Flexhibit wall sections clip neatly and firmly together providing  sufficient structural integrity to support 46” video screens.  



Flexhibit Exhibition System


Flexhibit wall sections of varying heights and shaped tops can be linked, into large backwalls (that are straight or can weave in and out), or Flexhibit wall sections can make freestanding towers connected overhead by curved headers.


The look and layout of your Flexhibit systems can readily change from one trade show to the next trade show, or can be easily themed to suit specific trade show audiences or promote specific  products.


Typically Flexhibit displays to suit a 6m X 3m booth space are set up in 15- 30 minutes – from opening the cases to completion – all achieved without tools or risk of injury.


Flexhibit displays are the most cost effective method to create a large surface area to visually highlight your brand, products or message – Flexhibit can carry large LED monitors and additionally with other members of the Flexhibit family (such as portable counters, showcases and 3D banner stands) can incorporate actual product samples.


Flexhibit displays systems are limited only by the designers imagination


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The demand for value for many display solutions in Australia has been there for some time now. And now, All Star Displays, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, introduce the Flexhibit System. Say goodbye to expensive display solutions today!

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 Servicing Australian wide with our Head Office In Sydney and State offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and servicing regional areas with a support network


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Advantages of the Flexhibit System

  • The Flexhibit System is, first and foremost, extremely lightweight, like many other display solutions provided by All Star Displays.
  • Secondly, the Flexhibit System is incredibly strong. Despite its lightweight structure, the aluminium tube framework adds a much needed dimension of strength.
  • The polyester graphic print is wrinkle-resistant, and this assures that you have the best display quality at all times.
  • The Flexhibit System is structurally a lot simpler than various other display systems, which makes it very easy to install.
  • For pure value for money, there is no solution like the Flexhibit System.

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