Gizmo Mini 1500mm High

Wavelike Display With Case 

Waveline two cases, tabletop display



Waveline two casesThe Waveline Two Display is strikingly different from other curvewall displays because the curve is standing on its end, seemingly like a wave about to break over you.


Like our Waveline display, The WaveLine Two also is made from recycled aluminum tube shock-corded together. In seconds the frame is together, then the one piece graphic simply stretches over the frame. A supporting leg is attached to each side (as shown in the images), and you simply stand it up. 


Once you're conversant with the procedure, setup happens in less than five minutes.


The graphic is produced by top quality dye sublimation printing onto a recyclable virtually 'wrinkle free' stretch polyester fabric designed for this application.


Waveline TWO come complete with two shelves on the side of the display. It also has the ability to carry a 21'' monitor - clever design has achieved all this whilst still keeping the display ultra lightweight and portable


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Waveline Two Display
Waveline TWO with Case converted