Flexhibit Exhibtion System 

With Blimp Sigange

Single or Double sided waveline displays

Single or Double sided


The WaveLine is one of the simplest designs of WaveLine Displaywall displays, and its style of construction makes the WaveLine one of the most cost effective type of wall displays / systems on the market today. 


The WaveLine is made from recycled aluminium tube shock-corded together and no tools are required for assembly. In seconds the WaveLine frame is together, then the one piece graphic simply stretches over the frame (like a hand in a glove).


Once you're conversant with the procedure, setup of  WaveLine displays happens in less than two minutes.Like the One-Fabric, the WaveLine graphic is produced from one complete piece of fabric; thus no alignment issues, no colour mismatches nor unsightly joins.


The WaveLine graphic is produced by top quality dye sublimation printing onto a recyclable virtually 'wrinkle free' stretch polyester fabric specifically designed for this application Even the luggage type transit case for The WaveLine is made from recycled plastics. 



Advantages -

  •  Ultra lightweight compared to any traditional wall display - 12kgs in its case


     90 second set up
  •  Can be single sided or double sided
  •  Replacement or additional fabric panels can be carried with different artwork and themes for different target audiences.


Options -


    Halogen spotlight kit - comprises two overhead spotlights with swivel heads and halogen bulbs that affix to the top of the frame.


Dimensions (when erected) 
These units are Curved 
Shopping Centre Height Units
2 x 2 frame - 1850mm wide x 1524mm high
2 x 3 frame - 2185mm wide x 1524mm high
Custom sizes available
Standard Height Units
3 x3 frame - 2185mm wide x 2260mm high
4 x 3 frame - 2995mm wide x 2260mm high
7 x 3 frame - 5100mm wide 2260mm high
Custom sizes available

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Wavelike Display With Case 

Wavline Display With Case Kit

Waveline Display / Case Kit 3 x 3

Wavelike Display To Suit a 6 x 3 Booth 

Waveline 4 x 3 with Counter

Waveline Display 4 x 3 Size

Waveline Display 3 x 3 Size

Wavelike Display for a 3 x 3 Meter Booth

Waveline Display

3 x 3 Waveline
Waveline 4 x 3 Stand.

Wavelike display 4 x 3 Size

Wavelike Display 4 x 3 with case

Wavelike with Wavelike Counter

Waveline 4 x 3 with Counter

Wavelike Display 4 x 3 with case

Wavelike Display 4x3 Size