Click Interactive Touch Display

Click -  a stand alone information provider has eight (8) proximity sensors, allowing user to select and click3a.png - largedisplay eight different video files 

The aluminium tube frame structure is locked in an eye-catching printed fabric graphic, which also allows each LED lit touch pad to be 

labelled, relating to each file or theme 

Click is simple to set up- simply put the eight video files on a usb stick, as the monitor is hand wived to the touch pads 

Click Image quality is great -  full 1080 HD video in AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV and DAT formats. As well as JPEG, BMP, PNG and MP3 images and if nothing is selected 

Verity displays a ninth video file, on a continuous loop 

Click is ideal for Visitor centres, Airports, Train & bus depots, tourist attraction  and Trade Shows

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